Howest Foundation offers its partners or third parties a financial and legal framework to invest in projects and initiatives, which are socially relevant for both Howest and the applicants.  
Through this, Howest not only expresses its social involvement in a local-regional field, but also supports social initiatives worldwide. 

Objective of the HOWEST FOUNDATION:
Howest University of Applied Sciences is much more than an institute that only organizes and offers higher education and applied scientific research. Howest also is a regional, national and international actor, who feels very strongly about corporate social responsibility.  

Howest wants to propagate this among its stakeholders: students, alumni, employees, emeriti, companies and not-for-profit organizations and by extension the community (worldwide) where we are active. 

With the Howest Foundation, Howest University of Applied Sciences reinforces these values and makes them concrete, among other things by supporting social projects both at home and abroad, in which our students and/or employees are actively involved as volunteers.

The Howest Foundation supports projects and initiatives, both at home and abroad, that are aimed at community building. By supporting initiatives regarding education and/or applied scientific research and with a direct link to Howest stakeholders (students, employees, alumni, emeriti and companies and organizations from its industrial, social and academic network), who dedicate themselves voluntarily, Howest Foundation contributes to the corporate social responsibility program of Howest University College.

The Howest Foundation has been founded in collaboration with the Community Foundation West-Flanders (Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen) and within the King Baudouin Foundation. On the one hand, the King Baudoin Foundation offers the financial legal framework to make the Howest Foundation possible and on the other, as an independent institute, it stands for the quality and social relevance of the projects that are supported by the Foundation.

The Howest Foundation only supports projects and initiatives outside the regular activities and the task determined by decree of the founder Howest University College. 

Project account:
The management committee of the Howest Foundation chooses to offer certain initiatives the possibility of opening a project account within the Foundation. Those projects are then opened for a limited time in order to obtain donations. 

Howest Foundation Appeal:
Furthermore, the Howest Foundation launches a call for projects at certain times. The objective is to offer individuals, groupings and organizations the chance to formulate their project proposals to the Howest Foundation. 

The projects selected by the management committee can then obtain financial support from the Howest Foundation through the match-funding principle. In this way, the Howest Foundation wants to create an important leverage for those social initiatives.

Most Recent Projects