Howest Foundation account within the King Baudouin Foundation

Financially supporting the Howest Foundation projects is possible by paying a contribution to the, within the Community Foundation of West-Flanders (managed by the King Baudouin Foundation), special account: BE10-0000-0000-0404.

Use the correct reference

It is extremely important to, when making a donation, use the correct reference number in order to make sure that the King Baudouin Foundation can allocate your donation directly to the Howest Foundation. The reference to appear as a notification on every deposit for the Howest Foundation should be:

"C1850100 - Howest Fonds" or by means of the following structured message ***185/0100/00388***

"General Grant" versus "Donor-Advised"

Your donation is a standard a general grant to the Howest Foundation.

To make your donation Donor Advised, use the following statement: R50100.003 - Howest Fonds supplemented with specific reference (starting with the letters "HF") of one (this website mentioned) projects.

E.g.: C1850100 - Howest Fonds HF00003.

In this case it is therefore not possible to use the above mentioned structured message (***185/0100/00388***).

Thank you for your warm support and confidence. 
You will receive a confirmation of your deposit (and if applicable, your tax certificate) from the King Baudouin Foundation.

Donate online

Soon you will be able to donate online, directly from this website.

Tax certificate

Your donation is tax deductible from € 40.
Belgian tax law stipulates that individuals may donate no more than 10% of their net taxable income, with a maximum of € 331.200. For companies a maximum of 5% of the net taxable income is eligible for a tax deductible donation.

Donations from abroad are subject to different fiscal regimes that vary from country to country. If you wish to make a donation from outside Belgium, we advise you to get in contact with us, to verify which tax regime is valid.

Only gifts that are deposited in the Howest Foundation account BE10-0000-0000-0404 of the King Baudouin Foundation are tax deductible.
The tax certificate will be delivered directly to the donor by the King Baudouin Foundation.

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