Howest Foundation features care holidays

For a few years now, Howest nursing students organize a care holiday for patients and their informal caregiver. Through the Howest Foundation, it is now possible to financially support this initiative.

Because of the constant care that is necessary, it is never easy for patient and caregiver to enjoy a few fine days of holiday. That is why nursing students of Howest University of Applied Sciences organize 'care holidays' each year. So patient and caregiver each can enjoy a well-deserved holiday, together and yet with partly separate activities. Our students take over the personal care for each patient, day and night.

Though not evident, the students also take care of everything from planning over subscriptions to logistics. This way they learn a whole new set of skills through practice instead of studying it from a textbook.

Each year, the demand to subscribe for a care holiday is bigger then the number of places can offer. Moreover, the operating funds for this project are limited. That is why the care holiday project will be allowed as a project in the Howest Foundation and the possibility will be offered to acquire additional support by collecting gifts. This way, the number of participants can increase, as well as the range of activities for patients and there caregiver: an extra outing, a walk along the beach with adapted wheel chairs and a special guest performance in the evening. Also, our students have to pay for there own accommodation. In the future, with the support of donors, we hope to make an extra difference in the lives of many patients, caregivers and also students.