Product design by pupils in Trujillo


This initiative is closed. This project was realized by Howest, even before the Howest Foundation was set up. We show this project on this website as one of many examples of the corporate social responsability initiatives Howest University College already supported in recent years.


The mission of Bob de Troy (student) sounds simple: design a product that can be made by the pupils of Trujillo and that can be sold to the locals.

The Santo Toribio school provides education for children with disabilities, aged 2 to 18. When they reach the age of 13, the pupils can study for carpenter, baker or shoemaker.  Since 2011, the Santo Toribio school is no longer financially supported by the Peruvian government. Therefore, the school has decided to sell the products they make to the Universities of Trujillo and to their students. Once a year,  a school exhibition is held in Trujillo where these products are sold to a broader public.

Bob designs, tohether with the pupils, a folder based on palm bark and to this end, he also designs a machine to produce these folders.

The designed production process occurs as follows:
1. cutting the veneer
2. cutting and cleaning the palm tree bark
3. applying the glue
4. placing Nardex (cut to the right size in Sodimac), bark and veneer in the mold and pressing it
5. drying time of 4 hours (adhesive must be applied correctly)
6. getting everything out of the mold
7. sanding (veneer sides)
8. painting
9. drilling holes for closing elastics and attaching them.
The objective is to create a product family made from the same materials that aims at that same target group (students). Examples of these products are: notebooks, writing tablets, ring binders, etc. The designed production machine should have a production capacity of 8 folders at a time, in order to enable each child (there are 8 children in the class) to finish one folder a day.
In addition, Bob - along with other volunteers - arranged another task for the Carpenteria of Santo Toribio. Through a major fundraising, they collected enough money to make doors for the school. The doors will be made by the children of Santo Toribio, which results in a new project for Santo Toribio and new doors for the school.