Quindo - Radio Respect

Quindo Medialab: an instrument for social inclusion. 

Since 2012, the former Radio2-studio in Kortrijk is the basis for radio Quindo. In this state-of-the-art studios youngsters make web radio for an audience between 16 and 30 old. Quindo plays music that doesn't have much airplay on regular stations, with special attention for local talent and local information. Youth radio Quindo is the center of the Howest Medialab and the Track Music Centre. Youngsters can experiment here with all kinds of media since it is the perfect place where new innovative media applications can be tested.


During the day, Quindo is serves as a training facility for students from different Howest bachelor programs. Outside school hours, the Medialab is de playground for volunteers. They do what they do best: radio-dj, presenter, technician, producer, graphic designer, photographer, web designer and much more. Through a personal trajectory of general and more 

Radio Respect

Quindo is more then just atypical, innovative and adventurous; Quindo is also social and open minded. That is why everybody is welcome to join, no matter what ambition or origin people have, or what they already know. Quindo wants everybody to be able to participate.

With this mission in mind, Quindo organizes many media workshops and projects for vulnerable children and youngsters, such as children with troubled youths, psychiatric patients or juvenile delinquents.


The workshops offered by Quindo are in Dutch or in English. The central idea is that the youngsters have their say in everything. Empowerment is the key word.

By making radio programs and other media content, Quindo wants to give a voice to the voiceless. An ambitious goal, but real examples prove that this isn't a hollow statement. Making radio proves to be an ideal instrument for the development of social skills of vulnerable youngsters. And even more: radio making provides them with a better self-image and they seem to be better armed to cope with the daily challenges of life. Some volunteers used their newly acquired media and social skills to -successfully- find a job.


By making all kinds of young people more media wise and socially stronger, Quindo wants to continue its educational and societal mission. That is not only the wish of the board, but also the whish of more than 200 Quindo-volunteers. Quindo wants to make radio in places where many young people gather. That is why there is an urgent need for a mobile studio, so we can make radio the year round on school campuses, festivals, parties and much more. Because of our ambition, we dare to dream aloud of extra machinery and manpower. 

Tom Christiaens
Coordinator Quindo Medialab


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