HowestgoesUganda 2014-15

HOWEST is participating in a training program for the Ugandan "Mountains of the Moon University". As part of a VLIRUOS

Howest monitors safety of interns

A new Ebola outbreak threatens West-Africa.

Howest monitors in particular the situation in Guinea and Gambia. In each of both countries, Howest has students on an internship. There is a constant open line communication with the department of foreign affairs to ensure their safety. Needless to say, both students will be evacuated if necessary.

Design for Impact

Design for Impact - an innovation for a local community today can become a global solution tomorrow.

Children with a burnt esophagus in Guinea

Guinea is the second bauxite producing country in the world. Bauxite is an aluminum ore used to produce aluminum. A by-product of this production is a highly toxic soda that children are drinking by mistake, with severe burns of the esophagus as a consequence.

Honey in Uganda

Validating (biomedical) testing kits that indicate antibiotics in honey.

Educational radio station in Kicora

Arne Ingelbeen, Howest Journalism student, supports an educational radio station in Tanzania.


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