Quindo - Radio Respect

By making radio programs and other media content, Quindo wants to give a voice to the voiceless. An ambitious goal, but real examples prove that this isn't a hollow statement. Making radio proves to be an ideal instrument for the development of social skills of vulnerable youngsters. And even more: radio making provides them with a better self-image and they seem to be better armed to cope with the daily challenges of life. Some volunteers used their newly acquired media and social skills to -successfully- find a job.

Howest Foundation features care holidays

For a few years now, Howest nursing students organize a care holiday for patients and their informal caregiver. Through the Howest Foundation, it is now possible to financially support this initiative.

Howest Foundation features Quindo

Quindo: through the making of radio shows and other media content, Quindo gives a voice to the voiceless people.

Design for Impact Event

March 27th 2012 in HOWEST Industrial Design Center, Kortrijk, Belgium (Europe)

Synapse - The Space Between

According to the principles of Mass Moving, Synapse brings art to the streets of Brussels.


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